Snowmageddon 2010!

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Here in Washington D.C., I've bought probably about a month's worth of food and supplies in preparation of the snow storm which is hitting today. A month's worth is certainly a bit of overkill, but I was at Costco, and well, they sell things in bulk there. I didn't even bother trying to fit things into the fridge and freezer, I simply stuck them out on the porch! We're expecting up to 28 inches between now and tomorrow morning (a record), so I expect we'll all be snowed in for awhile here as the snow removal budget was already being stretched paper thing before this storm was even being forecasted.

I even created a group on Facebook, Snowmageddon!

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  1. MadClikr's Avatar
    We received almost 30 inches over the weekend, and they're calling for another 10 to 20 over the next two days!
  2. MadClikr's Avatar
    It was extremely windy here last night, making for blizzard like conditions and eight foot snow drifts. They're calling for potentially a bit more snow on Monday, but it's warming up quite nicely to 37 degrees today - let the great melt begin!
  3. mspete's Avatar
    Wow, I can't imagine dealing with that much snow! We got about two inches on Friday. No problem with roads/streets as it melted as soon as it hit. On other surfaces (lawns, trees, etc) it remained until yesterday (Saturday). By dusk on Saturday it was all gone. As I drove to church this morning I saw a few snow men who were struggling to "stay alive". The forecast is for 1-2 inches tonight (Sunday). I'm sure this will create problems for those who have to drive to work tomorrow morning. Makes me glad I can just get my "blankie", sit in the recliner with a cup of coffee and a good book.
  4. MadClikr's Avatar
    We received about another inch on Monday, and they're calling for flurries today, but the roads around here, for the most part, are pretty good. Some of the subdivisions are still one lane roads, but everywhere I've been needing to go has been cleared, thankfully. I'm starting to see temperatures in the 40's in the forecast - can't wait for spring!
  5. mspete's Avatar
    The sun is shining here today! Temps are in mid-40's with no leftover snow or ice. Rain is forecast for Friday night! We need some DRY!!!!!
  6. MadClikr's Avatar
    This weekend was fairly nice with temperatures in the mid-40's, which made for a nice Chinese New Year celebration out in Wash D.C. Yesterday was rainy, and it's currently cold and cloudy out. We still have a good bit of snow on the ground and sidewalks here from the previous storm, but it is slowly melting.

    There are a couple of mourning doves taking shelter on the porch railing only a few feet away - one of them is keeping half an eye on me, but otherwise they're just preening and seem to be paying no mind to me. Even after all these years, it still surprises me how tame the "wild"life here is.