Trudy in Illinois


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Another wet day in central Illinois with more to come is reported. The farmers are still trying to get in their crops. The pumpkin farmers had to wait for the fields to dry out to get the machines in there to get the pumpkins. That made for NO canned pumpkin in the grocery stores until last week; and the supply was becoming depleted quickly. Usually the canned pumpkin is on the shelves by the first part of October. I mentioned to some shoppers when I saw them so disappointed at the empty shelves, "If you need to have a pumpkin dish of some kind, you can substitute canned sweet potatoes and get pretty much the same results." Some appreciated the idea, others looked at me as though I was promoting sweet potatoes and was going to get a kick-back from the sales. Sweet potatoes add a bit more sweetness to the product you have made, so reduce your sugar by about 1/8 - 1/4 cup.

So, here we are knowing it's November---no sun, no flowers, no heat, no color, NOVEMBER.

Blessings and smiles to you,

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  1. MadClikr's Avatar
    Substituting sweet potatoes for pumpkin is a good idea, I think it might work really well in some of the fall breads and muffins. Yum!