Learning curve!!!

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I got a "Nook" tablet for Christmas. So far the only thing I have had success with is turning it on and off & working crosswords! There is SO MUCH to learn! I'm sure time will help and I will be spending entirely too much time on it. There is a way to access books from our local library but I haven't figured that one out yet. I can also surf the net and get e-mail (gotta learn that, too). Oh my, this is a not a curve this is a complete right or left turn. We will see if an old dog can learn new tricks.
Happy New Year everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. nedayja's Avatar
    I purchased a Tablet a few months ago, mainly for when I travel. My relatives do not have computer access at all and the withdrawal for me was very painful. The ability to download books, internet access, e-mail, etc. is wonderful. I am still trying to figure out how to do everything. Good Luck!
  2. mspete's Avatar
    I have managed to do e-mail & internet access, but so far I have not been able to download books from our local library! Do you download free books from a library or do you buy on-line, downloadable books? I'm sure that eventually I will get the "hang" of it. Mine is a "Nook" from Barnes & Noble.
  3. nedayja's Avatar
    Mine is a Samsung Galaxy Tablet. I am still in the 'learning' process....mainly have tried to find free books, without much success. But, my verizon rep. tells me that there are many free books out there.....keep trying. I think I am going to have to call a tech. rep. to help me be successful. The tablet does not get much use when I am at home....too many other things capture my attention. I have mastered the ability to access my banking site, community gala and other favorite sites though.
  4. mspete's Avatar
    I am told that almost all books in our county library are available in e-books, however I have only been successful in downloading one item "Lincoln's 1861 Inagural (sp) Address". I don't know how to delete or return it! My hairdresser uses an e-reader and I will talk to her next time I go - don't know what kind she has. Also Barnes & Noble has some classes at their store, which is 25 miles from my home, but I will attend a class in the next few months. Guess it is hard to beat a library three miles away, free usage, and wonderful workers to answer my questions in looking for books.

    Are you familiar with the website: ? It is just great for researching title, authors and series. I have used it several times to make sure I read books in sequence.

    We WILL both become proficient in the use of our new toy! Have a good week.