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It is with deep, deep sorrow that I tell you of the death of my beloved husband of 55+ years on May 24, 2014. We shared so many wonderful years together and I will miss him beyond words. Please remember me and our son (age 47) in your prayers. John has been a tower of strength for me in the last few days even though he was hurting, too. My family, friends and church family have been there for me. Thank you for caring.

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  1. nedayja's Avatar
    No words can take away your pain and sorrow of such a loss. Time does heal all wounds, but you never forget. Hopefully you will be able to be there for John as he has been there for you. Whether you realize it or not in the near future, he will need you to be his rock....right now he is your rock in your time of need. My prayers and hugs are for you and your son.
  2. mspete's Avatar
    Thank you, Jane. I think the reality of this will hit him soon and I WILL be there for him whatever he needs. Please continue to pray for us.
  3. MadClikr's Avatar
    Oh Linda, I am so sorry, I've been away from the site and only just now saw your message. I wish that I had the right words to say, but please know that you are in my thoughts and prayers.
  4. mspete's Avatar
    Thank you MadClikr. It has been six months and I certainly have a different life but I am determined to make it a good life. John and I are both doing well. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.