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The Local Library: Try Before You Buy!

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  • The Local Library: Try Before You Buy!

    If you love to read or are passionate about cooking, gardening, music, history, or anything else, chances are that you might have quite a few books on the subject! If you're starting to feel overrun by your book collection, why not visit your local library before your next purchase? It's a great way to try the books before you buy them! After you try a few of the recipes, play some of the songs, or read a few chapters, you'll have a better idea as to whether or not the book is a good fit for you.

    For another option, also has sneak previews of many of their books. The previews can be anywhere from just a few pages, to several chapters or more, just depending on the publisher and what they're allowed to do. If you like the book, you can buy it there, or at your local book store.

    Happy reading!

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    I love going to the library. I do not buy new books. I buy many books at garage sales and then pass them along when I have read them. I have only a few books that were special to me and some that were gifts. The library workers are so friendly and helpful when I am looking for something in particular. The library is a great source for many things other than books.


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      I frequent my library. After all, my tax dollars are working there and they've bought most of the items on the shelves. Through the inter-library loan program, I'm able to get CD's, movies, books, art work, and sometimes clothing patterns. I have a good rapport with the person who orders all this, so she waves her magic wand and goes above what she usually does for others.