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    We must buy a new refrigerator soon. There are several problems with ours - ice maker needs to be replaced ($250-$300), water dispenser doesn't work (cost ?) Two shelves in refrigerator and two in the freezer are broken and had to be removed (these are obsolete and cannot be replaced). The fridge is 25 years old so I can't really complain!

    My dilemma is - do I want a French door or side by side? I have shopped for both and I'm still not sure. Because of the color (bisque) the selection is quite limited. Does anyone have any experience with the French door models?

    Any and all comments will be welcomed!

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    I'm in a similar situation - our fridge is very old (it came out long before water dispensers!), though not as old as our oven, which is going on 40+! Personally, I prefer for the freezer to be either above or below the fridge, but not next to it. The side by side models don't seem like they would be wide enough to hold things which come up from time to time, such as large holiday turkeys. I find that checking reviews on-line really helps to give insight into the appliances. People are generally more likely to write negative reviews than positive ones, so they need to be taken with a grain of salt, but if there is a reoccurring issue, it's a good way to find out.
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      Thanks, MadCliker. I agree about the large items, however I rarely buy anything as large as a turkey or whole ham. If I do plan to prepare either of these I get them three or four days before I need them to allow thawing time. A large pizza will fit in the freezer I have now. I have not read any of the online reviews, however I will do that before I buy. Thanks again for your thoughts and ideas. Have a great weekend.

      Tomorrow my BFF and I are going on a one day bus trip to Athens, Alabama to the fiddlers convention. We have never been before so I expect our ears will be filled with "picking/fiddling and grinning" by tomorrow night. We think it will be a fun "girls day".


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        I replaced my 32 yr. old fridge 2 yrs. ago.....the old one still worked, but my upright freezer, in the garage, needed a new compressor (had extended warranty on it) but Lowe's did not want to fix it..too expensive so they just paid me back with what I originally paid for it, along with reimbursement for the contents. Instead of buying a new freezer, I replaced the old fridge in the kitchen and had it moved to the garage as back-up. Both my old and new fridges have the freezer over the fridge. Both are GE. I wanted matching brand 44 yr.old 42 inch GE stove is still working beautifully.....lost some counter space when it was installed....bought it from my SIL back in the mid 80's....she had it in storage since, almost new with only a couple of years use. Also, I found my fridge online at GE's website, but ordered it thru Lowe's with the condition that when it was delivered, I needed to see/touch it to be sure I wanted it before unloading ....buying something like that without being able to actually touch it, made me nervous, but all worked out well. I only had so much space for the new fridge (wasn't going to remodel anything). Both fridges are running and storing all of my goodies. Good Luck to both of you!
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          Finally bought a new fridge today! Got a GE side by side. Lowe's had a 10% off sale on appliances over $399. We got the 10% off and also got a 10% Veterans discount. It will be two weeks before it is delivered. Our current fridge works fine except I have to thaw out the icemaker every three or four days. It will be great to have ice maker working, water dispenser working, and the additional shelves!


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            Ahhh, a new kitchen "toy". Enjoy, enjoy.
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              Well, I have had the new fridge about 90 days and I HATE it! The icemaker gives you a mixture of crushed and cubed no matter which you choose. The drawers are very unsatisfactory and it seems so much smaller than the old fridge even though they are both 26'. I hope it will "grow" on me! I can't afford to buy another one. I really should be thankful that I have a working fridge.