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Facebook: New Spamming Application

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  • Facebook: New Spamming Application

    If you use Facebook and receive strange private messages, or see your friends posting odd messages, please do not click on them. There seems to be a new spamming application going around, and clicking on the links can possibly allow it to send more spam messages to all of your friends, in your name! The best thing to do is to simply ignore or delete these messages, rather than clicking on them.

    Examples of these types of messages which I have seen so far include the following:

    "I thought this survey stuff was GARBAGE but i just went on a shopping spree at walmart thanks to FB = [I removed the link for your safety!] , this wont last long so gooo!"

    " thought this survey stuff was BULL** but i swear I just used the Best Buy giftcard they sent me here [I removed the link for your safety!] to buy a laptop!"
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