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    I've been thinking about my pantry more recently for a number of reasons including recent illnesses and not being able to go to the store, snowstorm warnings, prices going up, and so on and so forth. While looking up organization and storage tips and ideas, I came across a Web site called Food Storage Made Easy. Much of it is geared towards preparing long term food storage, but it has a lot of good tips for more general emergency preparedness, as well. While I don't see myself keeping a year's worth of food and water in my apartment, I don't think it can hurt to prepare a list of emergency contacts, and some of the other basics. What do you think? They offer a free newsletter like subscription service, where they send you a new checklist every two weeks. I've only received the first one so far, but it looks like a lot of good information to have on hand and consider.

    Their General Web site:

    Their Checklist #1:
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