Free Samples Forum Rules!

I hope you enjoy the free samples and coupons found here! When posting, please keep the following in mind:

Free sample offers often expire when a company runs out of free samples to give away, which means that older posts are more likely to be expired than newer posts. Although you're always free to leave your comments about the products being offered, if a post has expired, especially an older post, please do not reply. Replying to older threads simply brings them back up to the top, and if they're expired, that's the last place we want them to be!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please always be safe while you surf on-line. If you aren't sure that it's safe to enter personal details such as your address on another Web site, please don't! That free sample packet of shampoo and conditioner just isn't worth your personal safety and security. Be safe, have fun, and happy freebie hunting!
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Free Sample: Seattle's Best Coffee

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  • Free Sample: Seattle's Best Coffee
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