I wanted to follow-up on my baby powder post from a few weeks ago, but then I realized, it looks like I never posted it! So, here it goes...

When I went up to Montana a few weeks ago, I left tons of pet food out for my little ones, knowing that they would have plenty to eat while I was away. Upon my return, I found that not only did they still have plenty of food left, but that the expensive yogurt and fruit guinea pig treats were being completely ignored by them (they preferred the plain ol' hay!), and were instead, being taken over by ants!

The ants were everywhere, in the cage, the wall, the carpet, the windows, the paper shredder... everywhere! (thank goodness they seemed to be leaving the guinea pigs alone) Boy, after a long trip home and multiple delays due to weather, I had a lot on my hands that night. I completely dumped the contents of their cage, and made the guinea pigs nice and cosy in a bathtub with some towels and other bedding, clean food, water, and their little plastic houses. Then, the battle began.

Over the course of the next few days I tried just about everything. Their source of food was completely gone with the clean cage, but that didn't stop them from following the scent trails and trying to chew on me, instead. Vinegar was of no use, nor were the ant traps or the spray on ant poisons which I resorted to. After nearly a week of dealing with these pests, all while my poor guinea pigs were stuck in a bath tub, I did some research on-line and came across a few articles mentioning baby powder. I decided "what the heck?" and gave it a try. I was astonished! After sprinkling it over the window sill where they seemed to be coming in, in just a few hours, they were just about all gone! By the next morning, they had all, less a few dead one stuck in the powder, disappeared! To this day, I haven't seen a single ant inside the room, and the guinea pigs are now back and happy in their own cage!