Poll: Do You Give Your Pets Christmas Gifts?

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Thread: Do You Give Your Pets Christmas Gifts?

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    Question Do You Give Your Pets Christmas Gifts?

    In my family, we often give small "gifts" to our pets such as a treat, a new chew toy, or other such item (which they generally need anyway) on Christmas (as a bonus, it helps keep them out of the rest of the tree!). Do you? This year, my mother's dog will be receiving the free Greenie treats which I've been saving up for the past month from Petsmart, the birds are in need of some cuttle bones, a chew toy of some sort to keep the guinea pig's teeth in check, something with catnip in it for mother's cat, and we spent $2.50 at Target and got a cute reindeer outfit for my other half's grandmother's Jack Russel Terrier, though admitting, that's more for the grandparents, than the dog!
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    Since I don't have any pets, my list is empty in this area; however, in the past I did give an extra treat.
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