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Thread: How to Remember Your Coupons

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    Talking How to Remember Your Coupons

    I often receive coupons with the free samples I receive, box tops, paper inserts, and so forth. While I'm pretty good about bringing the coupons I am planning to use to the store, I am not so good about making sure they don't come right back home with me! Earlier today, mspete shared a wonderful suggestion, which I just used with the list I have been making for Thanksgiving. When writing up your shopping list, simply use a symbol to denote that you have a coupon for that item (I use the copyright symbol), and then when you're going over the list one last time at the store, it will help to jog your memory and make sure that you actually use the coupons which you went to the trouble of saving!
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    It seems I can only process one thought at a time I also use an expandable file (check size) by food group i.e canned goods, condiments, dairy, frozen, meat, paper & plastic, etc. Each time I leave to go shopping I take my spiral notebook w/ads in the back & my coupon organizer. About once a month I review & discard any expired coupons.

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