The kids and I went to church. We sat as a family. I say that because S. usually wants to sit with someone who has chewing gum and knows he'll get some; Tara is in a stage where she doesn't want people to know we're related, thus sits away from me. I've pinched her for it and she usually reacts so someone knows something happened between her and me. She was an acolyte today, I didn't sing with the choir because our director is on vacation, so the three of us sat in the 3rd. pew from the alter. A sign-up sheet was passed around for help with some children's activity for a few weeks. I told T. to pass it to me. There was a silent "discussion" and glaring on her part. I put my index finger across my throat and squinted my eyes at her, snapped my fingers as quietly as I could and again pointed for her to send it to me. I love sign language. It was, and she took the posture of defiant troll with arms crossed, knitted eyebrows, and pouting lips. Stephen was between us and mentioned how ugly she was acting which caused his halo to squeeze his head like a stubborn zit. The people 2 pews behind us snickered through all this. I guess they had been through it eons ago with their teens and now don't have that to bother with anymore as both are in their 30's now. At the door I shook the minister's hand. He said, "God bless you." I thanked him and asked him to say a prayer for T's safety home. 'That I knew he'd seen the silent "discussion" she and I were having. He chuckled; I told him, "God's gonna get you for that." He laughed then. He has 3 adopted boys who bring him to his knees frequently. He and I share stories. I think it's called CAN YOU TOP THIS.